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Ultimate Aquacare Q Dosing Calc Screenshots

We ensure quality & support. People love us & we love them. Here goes some screenshots for Ultimate Aquacare Q Dosing Calc app.


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Free dosing calculator for your aquarium which simplifies working out the required supplement dosing quantities, for use with Ultimate Aquacare\\\'s aquarium products.
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Price: Free

Ultimate Aquacare’s FREE \\\'Q\\\' Dosing Calculator App; designed by marine enthusiasts for marine enthusiasts! This app has dramatically simplified the calculations required for gaining and maintaining a healthy marine aquarium environment. Choose your liquid or powder supplement, type in the litres of your aquarium, the parts per million (ppm) you want and press calculate! It’s that simple! Using this app with Ultimate Aquacare’s NEW Automatic Dosing Pumps allows you to set, forget and more importantly ENJOY your aquarium without having to remember to dose!