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Jikinge is Swahili for “Protect Yourself”. It is a Global Aid Team initiative founded in Kenya which aims to address the burden of HIV/ AIDS in the developing world. The project consists of multiple arms, an innovative mobile app being a vital part. In this way, Jikinge is setting a precedent for the use of digital technology in the developing world to address the fight against HIV/ AIDS.
With the prevalent and ever-increasing use of smart phones within the general population, Jikinge’s mobile app aims to:
- Address basic education and awareness of HIV/ AIDS
- Link the affected and infected to quality care
- Foster care and promote advocacy for vulnerable populations such as sex workers (SWs), men who have sex with men (MSM), persons who inject drugs (PWIDs), persons with disabilities (PWDs) and other marginalized populations
- Reduce HIV-related stigma and discrimination
- Advance awareness of best practices through open discussions
- Promote governmental and nongovernmental partnerships which nurture care and research

Although having its inception in Kenya, the Jikinge movement is targeted for implementation in developing countries globally. The mobile based platform is linguistically and socially adaptable to ensure optimal integration into diverse cultures. Post integration in Kenya, the mobile app is set to partner with programs in various countries in Africa, Asia and South America.
Global Aid Team and Jikinge would like to express their gratitude to TeachAIDS for their collaboration and educational videos.