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Event Wizard Screenshots

We ensure quality & support. People love us & we love them. Here goes some screenshots for Event Wizard app.


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EventWizard is a FREE multi-purpose tool for Tournament Directors, Event Organizers and attendees. Find events, create events, design and share your venue in minutes, plus much more.

Do you need to create a small-sided soccer event? How many fields can fit in the complex? Are you hosting a Beach Soccer Tournament? How many fields can we put in our space? How will they be oriented? Planning a 5k run, mud run, color run, charity walk or a marathon? How will you measure and set your route? What about concessions, restrooms, tournament central tents, vendors, parking and practice warm up areas? Do attendees know how to find it?

EventWizard is great for many event types, including:
Small Sided Soccer 3v3, 4v4, 5v5
Beach Soccer
Flag Football
Beach Ultimate
Beach Volleyball
5k, runs, walks, drives, rides and rallies
Festivals and concerts
Private gatherings of any kind

Event Wizard uses GoogleMaps and pre-loaded field sizes so you can layout your venue, save it, and share it with your volunteers and attendees. You can create various layouts and models to help in the decision making process and then choose the best design.

Everyone will be able to see the labeled fields and know where they are in relation to their field LIVE on their mobile device. Your volunteers can then help set up for game day, and know where everything is supposed to be.

Your attendees route to your event is automatically generated. Finding parking and finding their field when they arrive is part of the app.

Attendees can view field scheduling of teams, fields and game times, and live scoring updates.

Coming soon:
Find-a-friend integration - users can know where their volunteers, teammates, players, kids or parents are live at the venue.

Local to-the-event merchants on the map- attendees can also know where to find a cup of coffee, eat lunch, have a cold drink or find a hotel.

Tournament Sponsors will get exposure inside the app as well, with a link to their site, tournament specials or giveaways with in app ads and redemption.

Users that are unable to attend the event can use the app to keep up with their friends or family and know how the team is doing in the tourney.

This app can help you plan your event, organize your volunteers, gain more sponsors, maximize the attendee experience, and truly make your Event awesome!